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From Carton to Completion in Under One Hour.

One of the biggest differences between a portable lap pool and a traditional in ground swimming pool is the tremendous cost savings a portable lap pool provides. But you do not sacrifice anything with an EZ Lap Pool because it is made-to-order right here in the Untied States. This allows you to choose from a variety of accessories, options and styles. Because they are made-to-order, your lap pool can be Any Size, Any Color and Any Shape.

Our portable lap pools are also easier to assemble. Whereas the old-styled pools of yesteryear can take weeks and months to assemble - the average family can have a portable lap pool up and ready for water in less than one hour. We have portable pools installed all over the world, some of them right in your own home town. Take a look at Our History and Our Customer Testimonies.

No other company offers you so much for so little.