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We Should Call Them "DuraPool"! Our American made portable lap pool have done away with the need for cheap metal sides and concrete. Instead we use a poly-reinforced material that is similar to what the military uses for its inflatable boats. It is this material that makes the pool portable, durable and very flexible. This amazing material also makes the pool very easy to assemble as it requires no special ground prep. This highly durable material allows you to drain the pool, take it down and store it away during the winter without any damage to the pool material. And this material is also what allows you to leave the pool up during the winter and let it freeze solid if you want to.

Our portable lap pool material is so amazingly strong, that in the rare event you do get a puncture - you can actually seal it with just a little dab of Vaseline.
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Portable Pool Material
Now, if this is your first time to read about a portable pool, allow us to give you a little more detail as to how far superior our portable lap pool Rip-Stop™ material is compared to the old vinyl liners of traditional above-ground pools. First off, See for Yourself How Durable Our Portable Pools Really Are >>

The material's production starts with polyester thread. Polyester is durable, strong and long-lasting. In fact, this polyester thread is so strong, the fishing industry has been using it for years to catch some really big fish with it. This polyester thread is hair thin - yet each strand can hold almost 5 pounds of weight. During production, they braid 1,000 of these hair-thin threads together to create what the industry calls a 1000 denier strand. Then they criss-cross the strands together into a polyester woven scrim. 18 strands across and 18 up and down (18 x 18 scrim). The water weight of our pool is about 250 pounds per square foot (at the base). This material can hold almost ten times that weight.

This poly-reinforced material is so durable, it actually resists ripping and tearing. The criss-crossed woven material works much like a chain-link fence. If you cut a couple of links, you can still only open it just a little ways. The resistance is shared by the neighboring links (just on a much smaller scale). See for Yourself How Our Portable Pools Resist Ripping and Tearing >>

This polyester woven core is then encased in several layers of specially formulated UV-treated vinyl coating. This amazingly revolutionary Rip-Stop™ material has proven to be so durable that it is used today with military inflatable boats, giant tents, trucking tarps and even those giant blimps you see floating over thousands of spectators at sporting events. Oh yeah, we are talking really durable.

Pools made with Steel
We also use the very best US made steel. Though the pool material makes up a good 80% of the whole pool, it will not work without an equally durable frame support. The steel we use is 13g, 2.5 O.D. and has five layers of protection. According to Allied Steel, the raw unpainted steel can endure 10 years of salt spray exposure before you would see any surface rust. We add an extra layer of powder-coating just to help out.

The all steel frame we use is so durable and so strong that it cannot only support the weight of the water inside the pool, it can support you standing on it, hanging on it, - in fact, it can withstand you and a couple of your friends hanging on it, pushing off it - heck, the pool frame is so strong, invite the whole neighborhood to hang on it. Of course, once you set up the pool and start filling - the whole neighborhood will be in it anyway.

It's really not fair to say that our portable pools are better than everybody else's. The fact is, if you have read our history, you can see that pretty much everybody involved with portable pools started from the same place. No, there are some good pools out there - it's the companies that sell them that we suspect. None of them are a member of the Better Business Bureau, none of them are part, and none of them will assist you with your warranty if and when you need it.

What we can claim is this:
We have a Better Selection of Pools, Better Consistency in Quality, Far More Options, and an Overall Better Experience.

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