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We Have Made Swimming Pools Easy
We have been involved with the portable pool market from the very beginning, in fact it is very fair to say that we got it started. Because back then, the term "portable pool" was an oxymoron - after all, how can a swimming pool be portable? But families all across the globe started to quickly realize that what a portable pool means is a full-size swimming pool that can be assembled, by the average family, in less than one hour. From carton to completion in less than one hour? That was new and that saves customers thousands. Learn More about Our History >>

Easy Pools for Swimming
We admit our first pools were pretty basic, but over the years we have made some dramatic improvements. Today we are able to offer you all the features and benefits of a traditional in-ground lap pool without the hassles and expense typically associated with in-ground lap pools. In fact, customers generally stare at their fully assembled portable lap pool and marvel at just how easy it was to assemble.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable solution for your lap pool needs, then you really have come to the right place. We offer all the items you need, we provide accessories that no other portable pool provider can offer (even some nifty little features that traditional in-ground lap pool companies can not offer). We also offer you the ability to customize both the size, depth and color of your portable lap pool. So please, take some time to peruse our site and feel free to contact us toll-free at (855) 4EZ POOLS. Learn More about our Easy Pools >>

Lap Pools Made Easy
If you consider the expense associated with creating a traditional in-ground lap pool, you can quickly see why they are so expensive. Between construction, labor costs, and all the landscaping needs, it really gets quite scary. But our portable pool design has eliminated all of that. In fact, you can purchase a portable pool package from us, assemble it and fill it for usually about 1/10th the cost associated with traditional in-ground lap pools. And it's all because the pool was designed to be portable. Learn More about Portable Pools >>

But being portable does not mean you are giving up durability. Our American made portable lap pools are the most durable portable pool you can find. Made from USA based components, your portable lap pool will be there for years to come. Learn More about Our Durable Lap Pools >>

Our portable pool design is also more flexible than traditional in-ground lap pools. And in a few cases, we have been able to go where a traditional in-ground lap pool could not. Such was the case of the Kleiner family in Florida (that her picture at the top of this page). Their property was off a river and as such, they had a high water table (meaning, if they dug down more than a few feet, the water would start to seep up). The city would not allow them to put in a traditional lap pool. So they did a mixture of partially burying the pool and building a deck up the rest of the way. In the end, they got what they needed and saved a lot of money as well. Tell us what we can do for you.

Low Cost Lap Pools
We Have also Made Professional Lap Pools Easy and Affordable
We specialize in one thing and one thing only - portable pools. And though we have spent over twenty years helping thousands of families across the globe enjoy their own cool and refreshing full-size swimming pool, we have come to realize that our easy and affordable design can also help professional swimming entities as well. Thousands of young boys and girls across the world, dream of joining their country's olympic swimming team, yet are unable to practice in an olympic size lap pool because they are either not available or over-booked. One customer told us that any given state in the USA will have ten times more swimming team hopefuls than there are olympic sized lap pools available. Meaning, a young olympic swimmer hopeful may only have one hour or less access to an olympic sized swimming pool.

One customer approached us and asked if we could help them. We, of course said, "Yes we can." This customer managed to negotiate the use of an empty warehouse building, were they installed two 82 foot long lap pools (25 meters - olympic standard). And did all of this for less than 1/10th the cost to build a traditional in-ground lap pool the same size. In fact, they had created a solution that not only helped his son's swim team, but some neighboring town's as well. Learn More about Our Reliable Lap Pools >>

And in another amazing case, a team of junior olympic swimming hopefuls in South Dakota were struggling with trying to make do with the local YMCA pool. But quickly realized that they were trying to practice professional swimming with kids and adults who just wanted to play, jump and get in the way of their practice. One of the parents had a great idea and became the hero of the team...of course, with our help.
Learn More about Our Commercial Pools >>