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The term "portable swimming pool" seems like an oxymoron. After all, how can a swimming pool be portable?

The truth is, an EZ Pool does not require any special ground preparation, does not need any kind of permanent support structure and certainly does not need an army of installers to set-up. Our portable EZ Pools can be assembled by the average family in less than one hour - on any type of level ground surface. So yes, our swimming pools are truly

Lap Pool in Ground
Yet, despite the portability of our EZ Pools, many customers have found that it is actually considerably less expensive to go with a portable pool from us than a traditional in-ground pool. They simply dig an appropriate size hole, assemble, fill the pool, and then build a deck around it. And when they finish it off with landscaping they find that their overall costs were less by as much as 1/10th the cost of using a traditional in-ground pool. The following pictures are of a 7' x 42' that was installed in the ground.

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Lap Pool for Anywhere
For years the cost and expense of owning a full-size swimming pool in the privacy of your own backyard, was too much money for many families to spend. And so many resorted to the cheap little toy store pool that maybe lasted a single summer. But with the introduction of the portable pool to the American market, it changed all that - and we were there from the very beginning.

Ou pools really make owning a swimming pool easy and affordable. With virtually no ground prep needed, you can assemble it on grass, concrete, dirt or any combination thereof. And you won't need an army of installers to help. Just two people, that's all it takes to set up an EZ Pool! Just unroll the pool material, snap a few parts together and start filling. Families all over the world have discovered that an EZ Pool really is the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy a full-size swimming pool - right in the privacy of their own backyard.

Imagine, one day your neighbor sees nothing in the yard. The next day you and your whole family are enjoying a full-size swimming pool. Their eyes will just pop out of their head when they see how fast your pool went up. So if you have some unused portion of your yard that you want to turn into a full-size swimming pool - then contact us today and see for yourself just how easy and affordable a portable pool from EZ Pools can be.

Easy Pool for Small Yards
Understanding the Value of a Our Portable Lap Pools

The term "portable pool" did not exist until we entered in to the market. Back in the 1980's there were only two types of swimming pools: in-ground (either fiberglass, concrete or vinyl-lined) and above-ground (old-fashioned metal-sided vinyl-lined). Our pools were so unique and so different from the traditional above-ground pool, that we wanted to name it something that high-light the unique advantages a portable pool provides.

The original name we used was "The User-Friendly, Do-It-Yourself, Knock-Down, Portable Pool." Not the easiest marketing name though. Yet, in this term, we really tried to convey the simplistic aspects of our new style of swimming pool. In the end we felt that the term "portable pool" was unique enough to get people to stop and learn why a portable pool offers greater advantages over traditional in-ground pools and above-ground pools. Today, the pool and spa industry actually has a category called “portable pools”.

Our Portable Lap Pools are Easy Right From the Start
It took us twenty years to make the first portable lap pool - it will only take you about an hour. Because the first portable swimming pool we were involved with was not a lap pool at all. But over the years, we began to get more and more requests from customers for long lap pools. And since we can make any length, any width, any depth and in almost any color - we were the right people to talk to. So one of the nice things about dealing with us is that before you even call us and ask "Can you make this?", you will know that we are prepared to say, "Yes we can."

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Our Portable Lap Pools are Easy to Assemble
If you have ever started the process of installing a traditional in-ground lap pool, then you have already seen how complicated it really can be. In fact, in the amount of time it would take you to read the contract for a traditional in-ground lap pool, you could have one of our portable pools up and ready for water. Because all that is needed to assemble our easy lap pools is to unfold the liner, snap a few parts together, and start filling. That’s it.

What makes our portable swimming pools so different is the material we use. Traditional above-ground pools rely on a flimsy, thin metal siding to support a non-reinforced vinyl liner. This old fashioned liner material is so thin and delicate, that a single puncture can cause the whole liner to rip and tear. Whereas our material is poly-reinforced with a criss-crossing weave of polyester fibers that create a durable woven core that is then covered in specially treated vinyl coating. This material is so durable that it actually resists ripping and tearing. This material today is also used in military inflatable boats, those giant flying blimps, and in the industrial tent business for making those massive tents. Learn More about Our Durable Pools >>

Our Portable Lap Pools are Easy to Own
We have made buying, assembling and owning a portable lap pool so easy. Because of our vast experience with portable swimming pools, we have eliminated much of the guessing game. Almost 100% of our customers are NOT swimming pool professionals, so we have designed our portable pools to be both easy to assemble and easy to own. We start by providing you more portable pool accessories than all our competitors combined. Many of these accessories and options are designed to meet the special needs of each and every customer. So not only will you get the portable lap pool you want, but it will come with the accessories and options you want as well.

An Easy Company to Deal With
What value is a portable pool purchase if it is not backed by a company that stands behind the purchase? We have taken steps to ensure customer satisfaction by being a valid corporation, a member of the Better Business Bureau, a Verified Paypal Merchant, and member of We do not purport to be perfect, but in the scary world of the internet we have taken the necessary steps to be as close to you as your local grocery store.