We can think of no better way to demonstrate how reliable our pools are than to point to this one portable pool event. As you can see, this is our pool. It is actually two EZ Pools. Both are 20' wide by 70' long. Each of these pools holds almost 75,000 gallons of water - that's 600,000 pounds of water pressure in each pool. These pools were made by us here in the United States, then air-shipped to Switzerland - where they were placed indoors for this event.

Again you can see that these pools are filled, within inches of the top. There are hundreds of people standing around. There is over a million dollars worth of lighting equipment, television and video equipment, sound systems, and electrical cords running everywhere. And this was part of just one single event they did in the summer of 2008. Since then they have done several more events with the same two pools.

For three days, wake-boarders pounded the pool with their stunts and events, while the onlookers leaned against the pool and watched the event. Again this is indoors, not outdoors. The pictures show the event and the stunts that were performed. At the end of each day, they had a rock concert right next to the pools.

Confidence. That's what this picture shows. That not a single person was concerned or worried about the pool's lasting durability or structural reliability during this multi-million dollar event. The pools were part of the event, an essential component to the success of this event. And that displays confidence.

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