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    7' x 12' Portable Pool

    One of the Smallest Full-Size Swimming Pools You can Buy! What we mean by "full-size" is, you do not sacrifice depth with a small pool. This pool measures the same as our larger pools, whereas the cheap pools you get at the local big-box store measure only about 46" deep, we are full 6" deeper!!

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  • Change the Color of the Pool
    Change the Color of the Pool

    You can change the color of the Pool! Many Colors to choose from! This is a very unique feature of our EZ Lap Pools. Unlike everybody else, who offer you one color pool, we offer you the choice of different colors. This is all possible because the pool is Made-to-Order. Maybe you want a gray pool, or tan pool to match the siding of your house. Maybe you want dark blue or a black pool to attract more sunlight to heat the water. We have even sold a pink pool (Mary Kay cosmetics salesperson). At 4EZPools.com, you can change the color to fit your needs.

  • Modify the Pool Dimensions
    Modify the Pool Dimensions

    Need the pool to be smaller? Again, because the pool is being made-to-order we are able to offer you the ability to modify the width, the length or depth down to fit your needs. (Please Note:We can only modify down not up.) So if you like the this size, but it is just a foot too long or just a little to wide - then no problem, we can modify it to fit your needs.

    ** If you purchase a pool cover or solar cover - these items will be modified to fit your ordered dimensions.

  • Access-Control Ladder
    Access-Control Ladder

    This ladder is made in the USA and is a durable non-corrosive ladder that can easily support up to 300 pounds. It is an A-frame style so it provides access inside and outside. The outer portion of the ladder can be lifted up and locked into place allow you the ability to limit access to the pool through the ladder.

  • 1HP 110v Pump with 50 Sq Ft Polyester Cartridge Filter
    1HP 110v Pump with 50 Sq Ft Polyester Cartridge Filter

    This is our larger 1 HP pump and filter. It is designed to filter the pool in less than 45 minutes and provides Twice as Much Filtering Capacity, with a single 50 Sq Ft Polyester Cartridge element for filtering the water. This is the ideal system for larger families who will be seeing a lot of swimming activity in their pool throughout the summer.

  • 50 Sq Ft Polyester Cartridge Filter
    50 Sq Ft Polyester Cartridge Filter

    This is an Extra Cartridge Element: Though your polyester cartridge that comes with your pump purchase from us, can last up to 2-3 seasons, many customers prefer having an extra cartridge around so the pump and filter never has any down time. Depending on how often your pool is used, depends on how it will need to be cleaned. Having an extra cartridge means you do not have to clean it right then and there. This is for the 3/4HP pump 50 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter ONLY.

  • Outdoor Timer
    Outdoor Timer

    With the pump timer, you can put your pump and filter on an automatic operation freeing you up from having to manually turn the pump and filter on. Combine it with the Care Kit and the Floating Skimmer, your pool can be fully automated to keep itself clean and inviting all summer long - even while you sleep.

  • FloSkim Floating Skimmer
    FloSkim Floating Skimmer

    How About a Floating Skimmer? A floating skimmer attaches to the inside of your pool to the suction outlet. The water is pulled through the floating skimmer allowing you to automatically collect the floating bugs, leaves and other debris.

    It works with your pump and filter, so when the pump and filter are cycling the water, your floating skimmer will collect all the floating debris which may otherwise be missed by the pump and filter. Very convenient and easy to use. Simply check the filter basket from time to time and empty out any debris captured by it. Add this Convenient Feature for only $125.00.

  • Through-the-Wall Wide Mouth Skimmer
    Through-the-Wall Wide Mouth Skimmer

    A wide mouth skimmer is set out the outside of the pool so it takes up no room on the inside of the pool (unlike the floating skimmer). It works much like in ground pool skimmers in that the water edge is being pulled through the skimmer, collecting all your leaves, bugs and other debris that floats on the water's edge, similar to the floating skimmer. Access to the cleaning basket is easy as it has an opening at the top allow access.

  • 7x12 Pool Care Kit
    7x12 Pool Care Kit

    Complete Portable Pool Care Kit • Specifically designed for your EZ Lap Pool, this kit contains all the items you will need to maintain your pool without damaging the liner. Not all pool care kits are alike, some contain items that can damage your pool liner and/or void your warranty.

  • 7x12 Pool Cover
    7x12 Pool Cover

    Pool Cover • Our pool cover easily slips over your pool, and helps to keep debris out. It is also ideal for winterizing your pool for winter. Cover is made from durable material and is made exclusively for an EZ Lap Pool and is covered under our 5 year warranty.

  • EZ SwimMill
    EZ SwimMill

    Interested in Swimming Laps? The EZ SwimMill offers a very unique feature, by adding it to your portable pool package, you can swim in place all day without ever hitting the side of the pool. Using a very comfortable swimming harness that fits around your waist, the EZ SwimMill Allows You to Swim Any Stroke, Any Speed and Any Combination of Strokes Without Ever Stopping!!

    This is not a swim current generator, which are very expensive to buy and to operate - this is just a simple comfortable harness that holds you in the center of the pool and allows you to swim continuously. The cost of the EZ SwimMill is only $50.00 (compare that to $1000 for a over the rim current generator).

  • Rit-Fit Solar Cover for 7' x 12'
    Rit-Fit Solar Cover for 7' x 12'

    RiteFit® 5 Mil Solar Cover • Solar covers are great for helping to warm the pool water during the early spring and later fall months, reducing build-up of floating debris, and reducing water loss. The solar cover floats on the water and is easy to remove whenever the pool is in use.

  • EZSun® Solar Heating System
    EZSun® Solar Heating System

    Take Advantage of Free Heat: The EZSun® Solar Heater simply rolls out and attaches to your existing pump and filter. Place it in an area where you get the most direct sunlight during the the day. The pool water is pumped through the EZSun® Solar Heater and as it goes through the , the black tubing is being warmed and heated by the sun light. The net result is a dramatic heating of your pool for simply the cost of running your pump. The water goes in at 60 degrees and can come out at 80 degrees with good direct sunlight. Use it with our Rit Fit solar cover and the heat will not be lost through the surface at night.

    For Pools that Measure more than 9,500 gallons, we recommend two.
    For Pools that Measure more than 19,500 gallons we recommend three

  • 5.5 220v Kilowatt Electric Heater w/ Digital Control Pad
    5.5 220v Kilowatt Electric Heater w/ Digital Control Pad

    Great Little Electric Heater: This is for a 5.5 kW 220v electric heater with a digital control pad (pump and filter not included). At 220v, it puts out over 8,000 BTUs of heat. It is not designed to heat a pool that is outdoors, but it can be a very effective heater for an indoor pool with a control ambient room temperature. So if the room is going to be kept at 72º (F), then this heater can raise the temperature of the pool to over 83º (F). If you need more than this, we recommend you contact us toll-free at (855) 4EZ POOLS.